IXOM finalises the acquisition of Australian Botanical Products

In May of 2021 Ixom Operations (IXOM), finalised the acquisition of Australian Botanical Products (ABP), the market leader in supply of essential oils in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence in Asia.

Expanding on Ixom’s established Keith Harris fragrance & flavour manufacturing and Bronson & Jacobs distribution businesses, this acquisition will strengthen and grow Ixom’s specialised product portfolio, as well as local fragrance manufacturing capabilities, to open expanded customer markets through a combination of ABP’s technical capabilities and their extensive portfolio of products and customers. 

Ixom Managing Director and CEO David Head stated of the acquisition “This significant acquisition by Ixom builds on our growth strategy of expanding the Life Sciences portfolio of high quality and value-added products.” 

“The combination of ABP’s high quality essential oils and fragrance manufacturing capabilities combined with Ixom’s Keith Harris flavours and fragrance business and well-established Bronson and Jacobs distribution business, enables Ixom to deliver a unique and differentiated market offering that focuses on providing customer solutions,”

“The collaboration of Ixom and ABP will leverage each other’s strengths in the Health & Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Industrial & Institutional markets to offer a much wider suite of solutions that will solve our customers’ challenges.” said Mr Head.

ABP products wholesale and retail under a range of brands including Auroma, Essential Therapeutics, Parfumis, Roonka and Sydney Essential Oil Co.