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100% Pure And Natural: From The Named Source

These are aromatherapy/pharmaceutical grade essential oils and are 100% pure and natural. The oil is sourced from one named botanical species, and only one geographical location or origin. The oil specifically comes only from the ‘named source’.

For example, Lavender Bulgarian comes from Lavandula angustifolia, sourced from Bulgaria.

Natural Authentic Plants grown are true to species. They are 100% pure, natural, authentic botanical species. In the case of ABP, a pure essential oil is one that has not been adulterated. Oils produced in this manner have adhered to strict quality standards and are produced and farmed according to internationally accepted procedures.

There has been no tampering with these oils, and no artificial or natural components have been added. 100% pure and natural oils are genuine and true representatives of the plant from which they are derived.

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