The Nature/Nature Identical Argument

Nature identical refers to an oil which has had a component added, either natural or artificial, with a chemical structure identical to that found in nature.

It is possible to identify a natural product compared to a nature-identical one through Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis. Australian Botanical Products conducts GC/MS trace analysis on every batch of essential oil. The ability to identify true natural oils is critical in meeting our customers' expectations.

The vast majority of essential oils produced worldwide are for the flavour, fragrance, and hygiene industry - an industry that does not need a botanically pure product but rather a consistent and reasonably-priced product.

It is possible to create natural products using natural isolates and essential oils. ABP are able to manufacture these upon request for anyone who has a use for this type of product. These oils are not suitable for aromatherapy or TGA applications but perfectly satisfactory for commercial and industrial applications such as perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries.

Nature-identical oil is often traded commercially. It is still 100% natural; that is, it does not contain any chemical constituents or synthetic fragrances.

Within every essential oil, there are naturally occurring constituents. For example, Rose Oil contains elements of a natural fraction called Citronellol. As Rose oil is very expensive, the price can be lowered by adding the cheaper fraction Citronellol (derived from Citronella), to the Rose essential oil.

Technically, the end product is still Rose Oil, but has been ‘diluted’ by the addition of a cheaper constituent. All components of the oil are still 100% natural, but are the end product is now considered to be of a commercial grade.


Essential oil dilutions are 100% pure essential oil, or absolute in the case of Jasmine, diluted in Jojoba oil to create an affordable alternative to the more expensive oils. These dilutions are not recommended for use in oil burners or vapourisers.