Different Essential Oil Qualities

100% Pure & Natural – Aromatherapy grade essential oils that are 100% pure & natural. The oil is sourced from the named botanical species and only one geographical location or origin, the ‘named source’. For example, Lavender Bulgarian comes from Lavandula angustifolia, sourced from Bulgaria.

Natural – These essential oils are 100% natural. They may contain essential oils from difference sources and blended together to meet a customer’s specification or application requirement.

Nature Identical – These oils can contain synthetic products, added to meet the need of the application whether it is for performance purposes or economic advantages.

International Standards – A collection of essential oils carefully selected to meet the international standards like BP, EP, USP and FCC.

Aromatic Chemicals

A large on-site inventory of aromatic chemicals to support the local Flavour & Fragrance markets and related industries.

Vegetable Oils

Extensive on-site stocks of various qualities including Refined, Virgin and Organic.


  • Comprehensive on-site facilities to produce fragrance concentrates for wide variety of applications.
  • Fragrance Development Service & Customized Blends
  • Off the shelf fragrance range for Candles, Soaps and Personal Care applications
  • Automated compounding machine allowing for accurate dispensing to our customers specification, in full, every time.

In-house product development

  • Essential Oil blends to customer specification / application requirements
  • In depth on site technical resource including 2 chemists, 2 perfumers and a product development team
  • Natural and Nature Identical Essential Oil blends to meet customer specifications, International standards or economic advantages

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