At ABP, we pride ourselves on the knowledge, experience and quality of our team. Many within our team have a strong background in our industry and local markets ensuring we can deliver on what we promise.

John Fergeus - ABP Technical Manager


Jessica Pearce - ABP Business Manager


Brendan Smith - Operations Manager


Joe Ong - International Sales Manager


Melissa Papalie - Contract Manufacturing Manager


Tin Tran - Analytical Technical Manager


Julia Jennings - Product Development Manager


Philip Pawley - Financial Controller


Dejan Avramovic - Manufacturing Manager

SlobodankaSimic Avramovic - Quality Control Manager

Veronika Podolsky - Quality Assurance Manager


Dianne Lynn - Sales & Customer Service Manager


Having established ABP in 1983, John remains an integral part of our daily business. John has made essential oils his life since the mid-1970's and is now World renowned and well respected for his understanding of the chemistry of essential oils.