Passionate about purity

From a particular species, grown in a specific region of the world and most importantly free of adulteration we guarantee the purity of our products.

Excited about the little things

Trace elements shown in a GC/MS reveal far more about the authenticity of an essential oil than the major peaks – we study the entire fingerprint to ensure that even the smallest trace of adulterant is not present. ABP’s technical team are a leader in capturing even the most sophisticated adulterated oils making it our passion to ensure we are setting the highest standards in the industry.

Devoted to Quality

Manufacturing under the industry standards of GMP, our facility include a state of the art laboratory and clean room approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). We trace our oils through all stages of supply, accurately recording the quality and use of each oil. ABP also hold an Organic Prosessing Certificate, Kosher Accreditation and HACCP (Food Safety Certification Programme).

Tempted by the exotic

We source our ingredients directly from growers and producers worldwide. We house an extensive range of over 250 different essential oils - including exotic and rare species and the latest molecules for flavour and fragrance applications.

Committed to Research

We have an expert team of technicians continually researching new products and ingredients, led by specialists in the fields of essential oil, pharmacology, perfumery and chemistry.

Planting for the future

ABP have recently invested in a number of new plantations to bring new and interesting essential oils to the market. In addition we have acquired the rights to wild harvest many existing trees and plants to offer short term solutions to some of today’s raw material availability issues.

Expanding our resources

For almost 30 years we have built a comprehensive library and database registering the results of every batch of essential oil tested. This gives us an unprecedented resource within Australia expanding our technical capabilities beyond that of our competition.

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