Buddawood (Eremophilia Mitchellii)

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ABP is excited to announce that it has secured a fully sustainable supply of Eremophillia (also known as Buddawood and Bastard Sandalwood) by method of steam distillation.

Whist some may have seen or used this oil before ABP are the first Australian company to market as a fully steam distilled product and are in a position to offer long term supply arrangements which will give you and your customer the confidence to use it in new projects.

Buddawood is an Australian native tree with vast areas under continued harvest for fire prevention. In the past most wood has been exported for different markets and the oil  extraction was by hexane extraction on a limited scale.

Now abp have access to hundreds of thousands of trees ensuring many decades of oil supply coupled with a new, modern steam distillation unit capable of producing many tons of consistent oil each year, situated just in the Barossa Valley area of South Australia.

Known as a Bastard Sandalwood, this oils has an interesting and somewhat unique peppery, spice base note added to those Sandalwood notes and works particularly well as a fixative base note in fragrances and cosmetic products.

This oil offers a unique twist to similar materials in the market offering a truly ethical, sustainable and economical alternative to today’s modern fragrances. 

Though not powerful on the blotter the aroma has good tenacity and remains balanced throughout.

Top note: Camphor, patchouli

Body note: Leathery, smoky

Base note: Woody, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetyvert, Ambrette

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