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Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeodora) - Nov 25, 2011

Due to the ever increasing controls that CITES has put on the harvesting of the Aniba rosaerodora tree, the amount of legal wood finding its way to oil distillers has significantly reduced to a point now where abp have been unable to source. As an ethical company abp will only trade with partners who have legally obtained a CITES Certificate and as always analysing each batch of oil to ensure the material we purchase in un-adulterated and true to the botanical Aniba rosaerodora.

As in many cases when material availability becomes difficult, we are finding many more examples of adulterated oils being offered. In this case we encourage all our customers to be extra vigilant when purchasing this material and to ensure their supply partners are fully compliant with CITES and the specification for the oil.

These new harvesting laws have been in place since March 2010 to protect this species from its significant decline in ecological status due to the over exploitation of harvesting for the perfumery and cosmetics markets. Unfortunately there is still a threat from those illegal wood loggers and as such illegal oil will find its way into the market, perhaps under different names to allow the movement of goods.

Until we are confident we have found oil that meets both the full specification and is fully legally obtained, we expect there to be times of difficult supply ahead.

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