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Indian Mint Update - Dec 19, 2011

Mint prices have been the subject of some price pressure all year. Back when this started many believed we had to see out the year before things would improve but as 2012 approaches the outlook remains one of uncertainty.

Mentha Oils prices have continued to rise in recent months amidst new demand from Europe and China (their respective winter seasons), and due to continued low production rates.

Mentha Piperita prices have also increased in the past couple of month. Stocks in India are now very low so pressure on prices will continue into the New Year.

There is speculation in the market that next year the crop of Mentha Piperita will further decrease as the prices of Mentha Arvensis has been very high this year. As a result farmers will choose to cultivate more of Arvensis than Piperita. This speculation has created hope with the Indian stockists that the prices of Mentha Piperita may go high due to supply shortage. As a result they are holding on to their stocks for the next season in the hope of getting better prices.

Either way we are not anticipating any short term improvements in price

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