Commercial Oils at ABP are Nature Identical products that meet the needs of none aromatherapy / therapeutic applications when price is the ultimate driver in the decision making process. It's important to understand that when ABP offer a 'Commercial Oil' we do so only on the understanding that the customer knows what they are buying and we check to ensure that the customers application is suitable for these oils. Many other International Traders and Local Stockist will offer the market these oils and pass them off as 'genuine' when they're clearly not, if not that, they simply do not understand the chemistry well enough to advise customers about the differences which may ultimately mean brand owners and contract manufacturers are using materials that aren't fit for purpose.

ABP recognise there is a market for these oils for the right applications when ingredient listings basically list these 'oils' as 'fragrance' or 'parfum'. ABP can offer a collection of 'Commercial Oils' that meet the needs of this price sensitive market with oils suitable for the following applications:


  • Soap & Candle making
  • Oil Burning (as a fragrance)
  • Cleaning Products
  • Basic Cosmetics
  • Fragrances & Fragrance Blends

Our Commercial Oils are natural / nature identical blends that meets many of the constituent and odour characteristics of true essential oils, but as such are not suitable for aromatherapy or TGA applications.  They are perfectly satisfactory for commercial and industrial applications such as perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries and also functional products as listed above. Here are our standard Commercial Oils:

  • Bergamot CommercialiStock_000003907033XSmall.jpg
  • Citronella Commercial
  • Clove Commercial
  • Clove Leaf Commercial
  • Eucalyptus Commercial (Water Soluble)
  • Fennel Sweet Commercial
  • Lavender Commercial
  • Lemongrass CommercialLavender Blends
  • Peppermint Commercial
  • Rose Geranium Commercial
  • Rosemary Commercial
  • More available upon request