Additive free range 

  • Made from organic, natural and naturally-derived plant materials
  • Enviornmentally friendly
  • Easy to use & Free from petroleum-derived products
  • Range includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Moisturiser

Massage/treatment oilsMassage / Treatment Oils

  • Massage oil blends have the essential oils diluted to a safe level for adult usage
  • Designed for a specific smell or a specific purpose (create an atmosphere or treatment)
  • They can be used in the bath
  • They can be used as daily body oils

Insect repellents

  • Having pioneered natural alternatives to deet for many year's, abp have successfully supported many international brands in making their natural insect repellents leaders in their market.iStock_000009906776XSmall.jpg
  • Based on Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and a specific reaction process we can offer various products with a different level of PMD to suit your application needs. 

Facial Mists / Oil Blends

  • Enhance skin's natural radiance
  • Use in place of moisturizer to give your skin a natural vitamin boost, day and/or night

Body Care Products

Formulated using many Australian natural ingredients abp can offer a wide variety of other body care products calling oncosmetic_2_small.jpg the wealth of knowledge within our R&D team. Some of these products include Natural Scrubs, Body Butters and Bath Salts which can manufactured and supplied in bulk or as a finish product packed to your specification.